Communication is Designed

There is a purpose in creating concise, creative and effective communication. It isn't a fluke or something thrown together just to get it done. Good communication is designed to say something valid about an idea. It requires a sensitivity to the customer and what colours, shapes, icons, and images speak to them. How those things connect with their perceived ideas about life and what they know to be true. It isn't always the best idea to take the path most traveled, but investigate the smartest most impactful route that makes your possible customer attracted to what you are selling them.

We here at Wedge.a&d strive to find that elusive sweet spot where your brand and image shines above all else and drives the consumer to your door with gleeful expectations. After that it is up to our client to uphold those virtues and excel in satisfying that expectation.

Case Studies

Significantly Increase Your Integrity by Better Brand Identitiy

Your brand is the corner stone of your business's identity. It fortells the quality and integrity potential investors or customers will have with doing business with you. The strength and professionalism in that brand mark communicates your standing in the community, nationally, and worldwide. If it doesn't cut it, you will loose business  to your competition that holds high standards in their identity. Let's get started making your brand the multi-million dollar company you plan to be.

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